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A changing Landscape Requires a Passion for BUSINESS

Beat the odds with a bold business strategy.

 We share our passion for business by helping others grow in foreign markets. Our strategic process is custom tailored and designed to be unique for your industry.  Our basic service includes a comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities, a full report, complete with project plan, timelines, milestones, and a thorough cost analysis with itemized road map. Follow-up is key, we stay available for our clients at any time to tweak plans or optimize road map milestones.


Identify opportunities

Strategy Formation


At Onyx Global Consulting, we subscribe to the Balanced Scorecard concept – that there is more to success than financial performance.  Developed by Robert Kaplan and David Norton, the Balanced Scorecard measures financial performance, customer service, process improvement and innovation.  In order to meet their strategic goals, we ensure our clients understand what to measure, how to measure it and how to process the data.


Process Improvement

Our proprietary process improvement methodology aims to improve corporate efficiency, increase overall output and increase profit margins.  We begin with detailed assessments by teams of experienced and highly skilled consultants in order to develop custom tailored business processes and management systems.  We create reliability in business process through accurate forecasting and detailed planning.  Once these steps are in place, we ensure client managers have the necessary tools to successfully operate and control their businesses.

  • Improve corporate efficiency
  • Increase overal outpt
  • increase profit margins
  • Reliability in business

newest technology

Target Marketing

Our robust network of cutting-edge marketing firms streamlines the process of getting clients’ products on a digital or physical shelf worldwide.  Our experts are well versed in the used of the newest technologies, platforms and media to ensure clients reach their target markets quickly, effectively and efficiently.


Supply Chain Management 

Our experts are well versed in international supply chain and logistics operations.  We aid our customers in locating the required resources, identifying logistics channels and securing the necessary support to ensure delivery on time and in full.  The Onyx Consulting Services team has a combined four decades of experience deploying resources worldwide including sustainment products, construction equipment, medical supplies, vehicles and personal protective equipment.

  • Planning 
  • Information
  • Source
  • Inventory 
  • Production
  • Location
  • Transport

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