About Onyx Consulting

It is the mission of Onyx global consultants to foster a close relationship with our customers and to create tailor-made solutions that exceed expectations.
We are a competitive consulting firm with an experienced cadre of multinational business experts and partner companies ready to help you achieve a global footprint. We pride ourselves on creating international brands for our clients, resulting in improved name recognition with profitable results. The Onyx team considers your growth as our number one priority.

Our Methodology

Our Business Model

The Onyx Consulting Services Business Model ensures the concise integration of the strategic, operational and tactical levels of managing a business.  We ensure our clients corporate strategy and strategic goals permeate throughout the organization, coupled with a detailed reporting structure which informs decisions at all levels.

Why Us.

Good relationships are vital — that’s why when it comes to client selection, we’re choosy. We want to give your company the time and guidance you deserve with an experienced consultant that compliments your team.

Our team will enhance scalability with our proprietary roadmaps, conduct product placement using modern targeted marketing strategies, and offer personalized partnership opportunities through our network of global service providers. We will conduct all necessary research to pinpoint lucrative markets for your product or service, identify sales opportunities, and generate leads.  To further ensure your success – we offer a network of global service partners that will help in every aspect of your expansion: supply chain management, global logistics, multinational trade law, and international marketing.

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